Work Experience & Future Development


In the development of my current project and moving forward as a practitioner I feel it is important to be involved in community based art and projects within the local area. Meeting people from different backgrounds and ethnicities really helps me to consider how personal opinions on subject areas that effect their working lives and the surrounding areas that they live in are crucial in producing work with a deeper social significance. Participating in these opportunities will really help me to develop my own artwork and to consider the best way to portray thought and emotion within my current concepts.


Saturday 3rd October 2015

LPAP Here & Now Community Project

St John’s Church, Longbridge

Me and ZK participated in the community event here and now which celebrates the past and future of the Longbridge area. Organised by the WERK organisation, we decided to develop our previous window installation at the Longbridge lighting festival. We used the same design layout but got the community involved in writing personal messages about the area, young and old shared stories of the new and old, workers from the car plant to school children.

IMG_3035IMG_3029_1  IMG_3034

This project was a great example of how working within community based projects can really help me to consider how powerful personal stories from the past and the future can have on an art installation. It was great to hear from those older generations that had either worked at the plant or knew the area before the redevelopment and teaching the younger generation of the historic importance of the area. Producing work that can impact a diverse age range is something that is important to me moving forward within my own project, if I can produce work that resonates with a wide audience base I will have succeeded in my concept.


Thursday 15th October 2015

Photographer: Stuart Whipps

Longbridge Mini Photography Project


Assisted Stuart Whipps in his photography of the components of the mini which is due to be exhibited nationally. Helped with lighting set-up and post editing techniques.

It was a great experience when considering further academic study within photography to get some real studio time with a practising artist. I learnt a great deal about lighting, consideration of backdrops for different purposes and the best composition to represent the idea behind the concept. Working within studio environments is important for my own progression and to showcase a range of diverse skills in the photographic field to potential course lecturers.


Tuesday 3rd November 2015

Tames Valley Wetlands Photography Volunteer

Hams Hall Environmental Centre, Coleshill

images (5) wetlands class

Having been accepted to be part of the Tames Valley Wetlands team as a photographer it was important to meet with those involved, gain a better understanding of the project and my role as a volunteer photographer. I met with Interpretation Officer Chris Harris who showed me around the facilties and sat down to talk about my own practice and how I could help with advertising the area. I showed an array of different images I had captured of related landscapes within the Peak District and Sandwell Valley and some of my images captured on my travels. I feel it is a great opportunity to capture a diverse range of images from historic buildings, natural landscapes and river forms. Engaging with the local community and active conservation workers will give me a sense of how people see the area and why it is so important to conserve the area as much as possible. It will also show future lecturers and employers that I am actively involved in projects with different purposes and engaged with the community as a whole. My imagery will also gain a large exposure in local media which is beneficial for me as a practitioner.


Wednesday 4th November 2015

Fine Art Photographer: Agi Ch

South Yardley Library, Birmingham


Spent the day working alongside fine art photographer Agi Ch. We met on location at South Yardley Library and set about capturing external and internal images on 35mm film. These images would later be included in a collage of several local libraries including the newly demolished central library of Birmingham; the work will illustrate the importance of libraries and books for future generations.

I then went and discussed my own project ideas and was given information about an organisation that Agi is a part of, Frame. This group helps to support emerging artists in the area and provide facilities and materials for solo exhibitions. I discussed my own ideas around creating my own exhibition, which we discussed further.

I also viewed some of her most recent work, capturing portraitures of local artists in the West Midlands for a new book concept and images for her ongoing project for the libraries. I will be working on future projects with Agi to best support my own practice.

It was a great opportunity that really taught me to consider my subject matter and research extensively before producing any form of work. We met the manager of the library who we chatted to about the project and the impact that the decline in library use has personally and on the development of the younger generation in the area. I facilitated in assisting Agi with setting up, considering composition and locations for best results. I will ensure that I consider my subject matter thoroughly before making a decision on any final artwork. It will be important to understand and consider personal accounts to best illustrate my own concept. I don’t want to glamorise the condition, it is about the personal impact this can have on someone as a human being, the emotional response to the illness and how they processed their mental health.




16th November 2015

Springfield Community Project

The Springfield Centre, Springfield Rd, Birmingham


Meeting with Hannah Greenwood, project co-ordinator to discuss involvement in project and participating in photographing upcoming community events and sessions. Imagery will be published in local newsletter.


6th December 2015

Studio Portrait Shoot

Jigsaw Photography UK, Sutton Coldfield

Joined a group at Jigsaw Photography Studio for a model photo session. Explored a range of lighting and effects for a variation in differing shots.

untitled-14 untitled-15 untitled-28 untitled-47

Although this was not my first time shooting within a studio setting, it was a smaller group that explored a variety of lighting techniques and compositions which helped me to produce a range of different photographs of the model. Looking towards my own project it is important to make contacts within the industry specifically if models are required. I sent a few sample images off to the model using her contact which she was happy with, one of the shots she is even using on her own facebook page. I also discussed possible use of the studio for my own work and the owner said that he would happy to consider loaning out the facility. It was a great experience overall that got me learning new techniques and sample shots to use within my experimentation. Having made contacts with the studio and the model I feel that I can produce work to a higher level than anything I have done to this point. Producing images to a high quality requires studio access if necessary for my shot and a professional model who can work on my direction, this will help to produce a full body of work that will enhance my portfolio for future progression.


10th December 2015

Springfield Community Project

The Springfield Centre, Springfield Rd, Birmingham

mb_jan_2015_1412181345 basic_sewing_generic_1505011125

Spent the day with the Springfield team photographing a range of activites that go on in the centre. Images will be used with newsletters and online information. Activities included, seedlings group, musical babies, sewing class and volunteer meetings. I really enjoyed being introduced to members of the team and going around the centre and associated facilities nearby capturing various events that were going on. It was a great experience to meet a lot of the families who are going through many issues at home and it’s a great way for them to relax. After this I attended and photographed a volunteer meeting whereby we were given a breakdown of the services they provide. It was interesting to hear that many of the people who look for support are dealing with mental health conditions and domestic abuse. I will be discussing my project with members of staff shortly to gather whether it would be possible to meet with these people to help develop my ongoing work.


13th December 2015

Springfield Community Project

St Christopher’s Church, Springfield Rd, Birmingham

Spent the day with the Springfield project team photographing the Christmas Craft sessions that were going on within the centre and the adjoining church. These activities included a variety of activities including face painting, obstacle course and calendar making. The event was finished with a Christmas nativity narrated by the local priest and participated by the local children. This photography session was more intense and far more testing, I really enjoyed the frantic pace of needing to get around to a huge range of different events and activities, I had to consider lighting, composition and capturing the enjoyment of the event. It really highlights how I manage events such as this with hundreds of people in attendance, I learnt a great deal about how a diverse community can come together and interact with people they may not have access to in society. The shots I was most pleased with were that of children doing a range of activities and managing to capture the enjoyment, you can tell a lot from a person’s face particularly emotion which I will need to consider in my own project. Making connections with the community base will give me access to those dealing with mental health issues on a personal basis and having access to models such as Anna will help me to tell that emotional story through facial recognition.


17th December 2015

Springfield Community Project

St Christopher’s Church, Springfield Rd, Birmingham

Spent the evening at the Springfield Projects Christmas Fayre which included an array of Christmas related activities and Santa’s grotto. It was a great night to really help with interacting with individuals within a community project and get to know the involvement of other volunteers. I spoke to many who were interested in my final major project and advised that I gained some further knowledge from staff members who work alingside those with mental illness on a day to day basis, so I will be looking to see whether it would be possible for me to be involved in any way to gather a better understanding and personal perspective of the person.

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